Metalworks Gamelan has a very busy and highly accclaimed workshop programme. We run sessions in schools and colleges throughout the country (our instruments are easily transported) for ages 7 upwards. In particular we have worked extensively with GCSE and A level music students, and have also run many teacher's INSET days. We also do workshop sessions for children with special needs. We are especially interested in getting children to compose for gamelan and our workshops have generated at least sixty new gamelan pieces. Metalworks has twice received a Performing Rights Society 'Composer in Education' award.

"Brilliant... More please!"

Classic FM Masterclass

"This was a well though-out and meticulously organised project which had clear musical objectives...the benefits were far-reaching and inall directions between students, teachers and composers."

PRS Composer-in-Education Award Scheme Report

"The tutors always gave the impression that all the pupils' ideas and opinions were valued and listened to; they were very skillful at guiding pupils, rather than directing...relaxed and friendly but always business-like - very easy to talk to and to work with"

Suffolk County Council Project Report


If you would like to receive further information about Metalworks workshops, and Metalworks in general, you can obtain a brochure by emailing us at with your name and a postal address for us to send the brochure to.