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Recorded at Kuljit Bhamra's Red Fort Studios in Southall, London, and distributed on his KEDA label, Parrot Soup is our latest CD/cassette. Including:

[RA3 Baris]Baris Traditional Balinese warrior dance.
Selodoran Pop music from Bangiwangi, East Java. With soprano saxophone.
Iffley Bells - Rachel Hewitt Haunting piece in slendro, reflecting two of Rachel's main interests of traditional Javanese gamelan and renaissance vocal polyphony. Vocal solos by Rachel Hewitt and Janet Sherbourne.
Goyang Karawang & Sankala Sundanese gamelan degung pieces
Changes - Michael Parsons The first modern composition by an English composer. Written for the English Gamelan Orchestra in 1981. Based on traditional English change-bell ringing.
Mind The Gap - Mark Lockett Striking piece in mixed tunings.
Parrot Soup - Nick Gray The title track, illustrating the Indonesian folktale of the Parakeet king. Features Balinese-style interlocking patterns & Latin-American rythms.
Bis Malam [RA3 Night Bus]("The Night Bus") - Nick Gray The most popular piece in our reportoire - this loud driving piece depicts the night ride from Java to Bali.


"They eschew 'authenticity' to create a hybrid reflecting the jazz, classical, folk and non-Western backgrounds of the musicians. Engaging...perfectly captures the sense of otherworldliness that gamelan can convey. Metalworks have a dreamily mellow sound."

The Wire


This first commercially available CD by an English gamelan group was recorded in 1990 at Porcupine Studios in South London, and released on the Practical Music label. Includes:

Harum Scarum - Janet Sherbourne A fast and furious piece in 5 and 7, influenced by Balinese styles.
Emplek-emplek ketepu - Mus Mulyadi A transcription of a modern Indonesian piece.
The Beauty of The Morning - Howard Skempton An atmospheric piece commissioned by Metalworks from one of Britain's leading minimalist composers.
[RA3 Little Blue]Three Pieces - Janet Sherbourne A short suite including a blues with a saxophone solo, & "Into the Devilish Sea", a minimalist composition using "prepared" gamelan.
(It's a) Small World - Mark Lockett Signature tune for the BBC drama serial located in the Far East
Bubaran Robert - Lou Harrison Composition by the first western composer for gamelan. Incidentally - Lou Harrison says he thinks this is the best performance he has heard of this piece. The original melody for trumpet is on soprano saxophone in our recording.



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